offers free accounts for everybody. These accounts are fully functional and are perfect for downloading media, setting up your profile pages and interacting with other fans.

For the fan's who really like the site we also introduced Premium and Elite account types. What is the advantage of these accounts?


  • Your own link to your profile
  • Option to receive an email notice when a new Video, News Item or Gallery Album is added to the website.
  • Access to our extra High-Quality files archive. Currently 37.8 GigaBytes of extra videofiles!
    This does not include official DVD material, which can be found here.
  • Elite

  • All of the above
  • Option to remove advertisement banners from the website
  • You can have your account upgraded by making a donation. To be eligable for an upgrade to premium we require a minimal donation of $2.50. For an Elite account we require at least $5.

    Premium settings

    Please note: These settings only work when you have a premium account. The premium videos are located in the normal video archive. Make sure you are logged in when browsing the videos. Only when logged in you will be able to download the High Quality files.

    + I want to receive an email when a news item has been added to the site.
    Yes: No:

    + I want to receive an email when a new video has been added to the site.
    Yes: No:

    + I want to receive an email when pictures have been added to the site.
    Yes: No:

    Unfortunately the email notification system is currently offline.

    Elite settings

    + Show the advertisement banners on this website.
    Yes: No: